Charities - How we can help You

Most Popular Services

  • Fundraising & Donor Insights Review - An all encompassing report that provides an overview of fundraising performance over a 5-7 year period. Including Benchmarked attrition rates, and Lifetime value of new donors over 3 and 5 years, donor profiling and high value giving. These reviews have been provided in recent years for the likes of UNICEF Australia, Environment Victoria, MS Australia, Trust for Nature, Launch Housing, Berry Street, and many more.
  • Bequest Prospect/Affinity Scoring - Involves reviewing the donor database to unearth those hidden gems in your database. Recent scoring models have been featured as part of succesful case studies for UNICEF and Plan International Australia (where the scoring has helped grow bequest confirms from 2 to over 300 in 2 years)
  • Regular Giving Modelling - These are largely bespoke activities and involve providing support to be build a model that can be managed in-house with relative ease. Current models built for clients are delivering forecasts within 1% of actual income
  • Appeal Support - This is aimed at those charities with the creative skills to do an appeal inhouse, but without necessarily the data experise or budget to use big agencies. This service provides an in-house support functionality to help score and create a file for targeting, deliver creative guidance, and then wrap-up the campaign with a results overview to build on results for the next campaign



Strategic Services

  • Strategic Development - Working with clients to identify, develop and meet organisational goals and objectives.
  • Operational Planning - To help you turn those strategic plans into implementable operation plans mapping out potential activities and outlining when they need to be done, to who, and the likely return
  • Regular Gift Product Development & Forecasting (CS) - Providing frameworks to identify the appropriate product offering, pricing and targeting, providing RG forecasting, and assisting in the development and launch of new products.
  • Retention and Donor Experience - Helping organisations to develop online and offline communication plans to engage donors and reduce attrition
  • Bequest/Planned Giving - Helping organisations to develop strategies to identify and target donors most likely to provide Gifts in their Will
  • Budget Modelling - Helping fundraisers integrate complex campaigns and forecast revenue over multiple years.


Analytical Support

  • Donor Audits - Working with clients to understand how your donors behave and what this means in terms of generating $$$
  • Behavioural Segmentation Models - Segmentation models will help organizations to develop donor segments based on their value and likelihood to respond to key activities and provide demographic overlays to enable you talk to donors in the most appropriate language.
  • Multi-channel Campaign Analysis - Taking results beyond response and ROI measurement and identifying actionable insights to be applied in future campaigns. (Includes telemarketing, direct mail, DRTV, online and event campaigns)
  • Face to Face Recruitment - Providing analysis on effectiveness of campaigns, attrition analysis, salesperson performance, location effectiveness
  • Regular Giving Analysis - Identifying how your appeals are working and how to maximize returns per donor, and acquire new donors.
  • Retention Analysis - Understand which donors are likely to stay and provide greater opportunities for growth.


Marketing Campaign Solutions

  • Direct Mail Appeals
    • Helping to manage and coordinate end to end campaigns OR
    • Simply providing advice and support on key campaign elements such as targeting, list selection, creative, fundraising ask levels, testing and results.
  • Face to Face Recruitment - Includes, In-house and supplier management, sales processes, effective pricing & budget modelling, and sales processes to reduce early attrition
  • Telemarketing - Helping source suppliers, develop scripts, call metrics, and campaign analysis
  • Online Acquisition* - Helping recruit new and single donors through effective use of online and social media
  • Event Management - Helping project manage events from beginning to end and ensuring the most appropriate audience attends, assessing response, revenue and impact.
  • Direct Response TV* - Providing input and consulting support on creative and media and coordinating media buying and creative development.